All orthodox red rock-ists make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land (Moab) in their lifetime, but many find their devotion leads them back to Arches National Park every equinox.

arches-national-park arches-national-park
Arches National Park

Utah's Arches National Park is the back room of his workshop. Stone bridges, gossiping monoliths, mountains with windows, city-sized sandstone pipe organs… They look like experiments. Or mistakes. Ambitious, dangerous ones.

Delicate Arch is the icon,* looping 65 feet out of an orange bluff according to its own invented axes, but every single hike in Arches National Park will show you something that changes your perspective: the metaphysics of Landscape Arch; a Courthouse and a Tower of Babel on Park Avenue; the lost souls in the Fiery Furnace. It’s all waiting, quietly, like an engineering project abandoned as impractical.

Arches National Park Location & Directions

Arches National Park is located in southeast Utah, five miles north of Moab on US 191. From Moab, Utah, drive five miles north on Main Street/US 191. Turn right at the stoplight. From Interstate 70, take exit 182 (Crescent Junction), then drive south 28 miles on US 191. Turn left at the stoplight and is accessible by air or car from Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and Grand Junction


Why Arches National Park Is Famous Place?

Arches National Park is famous for its massive blocks of rocks, which have been carved by nature and time in incredible forms of ongoing erosion. Wind and erosion have made openings in the sand stone, which have become arches. One can also witness fallen arches, where the arch eventually was worn away by the erosion and collapsed. Eventually the sandstone will all be sand again. The balanced rock and the Delicate Arch are two famous examples of the park, not to forget its flora and fauna. I am just an enthusiast tourist, who will forever be amazed and fascinated!

Arches National Park is best known for its sandstone geological formations, which have been changing slowly since the time of the dinosaurs and are still changing today


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